Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wintering in Tucson

Its true. I am heading west for the winter. Snowbird style. Like a retired person... only I am not retiring.

As of Nov. 30th, I will be living and teaching in Tucson, AZ until spring. I am going there to be with Alexis, to teach at Yoga Oasis (Darren Rhodes' studio), and to study with my teachers intensely. Now, I get to be the student! I am thrilled at the opportunity to have my love and my teachers so close by. Come spring, Alexis and I will move back to St. Louis to teach on-going weekly classes and events at Southtown Yoga. This short-term move is a really big deal for me. And, its as good as it is big.

So, what does all of this mean for STY? How will this effect you? Hopefully, not very much at all. My classes will be covered by Roxanne and Kim, so you are in wonderful hands on that front. Also, Roxanne has been rockin' the STY studio manager position since the end of summer, so the day to day will remain the same. I will continue to be very involved with the vision of the studio, even from afar. Also, I will be back in town for events, like the weekend workshop with Christina Sell, Jan 6-8. Or, you can meet me in Mexico for my Yoga & Surf Retreat, March 18-24.

So, the purpose of this blog is to keep in touch with you... the dear, sweet, STY Kula. As I come across new learnings on my mat, as the light of the teachings burns even brighter, as the love in my life continues to grow, let this be a resource to keep the conversation going. I will miss you all while I am away. But, that will make coming home this spring that much more grand!

All my love,