Saturday, July 14, 2012

Natarajasana - take one

(nata=dancer; raja=lord, king; asana=pose)

This month's project pose for the advanced group practice is Natarajasana.  This is one of my favorite poses of all time.  I love this pose because it requires equal amounts of stability and flexibility.  Plus, its a pose of grace.  In Light on Yoga, Mr. Iyengar says "This vigorous and beautiful pose is dedicated to Siva, Lord of the Dance, who is also the fountain and source of Yoga."  To me that means that this pose represents the pure joy (the dance) inside all of us.  The stance is strong, the heart is wide open and the hands hold the foot above the head.    Pretty symbolic if you ask me!  

There are a few versions of this pose: 
1) both hands holding the ankle with arms bent
2) One arms holding big toe with the thigh parallel to floor and shin perpendicular to floor
3) teardrop version - arms straight overhead

This particular sequence is leading toward version number 1, as described above.  As always, I highly recommend practicing with Light on Yoga and Yoga Resource by your mat.  Invaluable guides for your practice.

Sequence from 7/8/12:

Sirsasana I - 5 min
Surya A w/Salabasana 3x
Down dog with split at wall
Surya B 5x
No hands lunge
Ardha bhekasana 
Twisted monkey
Ardha chandrasana 
Ardha Chandra chopasana 
Eka pada Dhanurasana prep - on all fours
Baby dancer
Baby kapinjalasana 
Gomukasasna with shoulder work
EPRK - fwd fold
EPRK w/thigh stretch
Supta virasana - with block in upper back, 1 min hold 2X
Eka pada supta virasana 
Eka hasta Ustrasana - one leg in low lunge
Natrajasana - one hand at wall, with strap, middle of the room ( at least 10 min of play)
Bhairadvajasana I
Bhairadvajasana II

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  1. We will be playing with a variation of this sequence today - thanks for the inspiration! (I love your sequences - they are masterful!)