Friday, August 10, 2012

Natrajasana - grand finale

This practice was one of my favorites. Over the course of the month-long Natrajasana project, lots of folks offered input on what aspects of the pose felt most challenging. That helped me sequence accordingly for the group.  Many students had the shoulder alignment down, but they had a hard time getting their foot as high or higher than their heard to make the clasp between hand and foot, with the arms in the overhead plane.  Alexis had been to every class this month and he pointed out that it was the tightness in his legs and hips that felt restricting.  So, for this last class on Natarajasana, we basically worked hanumanasana as a peak pose before the peak pose.  It worked!  So many people got waaaaayyyy deeper.  In fact, lots of people nailed the pose with this sequence.  Sometimes as a teacher its challenging to relate to what students are experiencing in their bodies.  Everyone's body is so different, which is what makes teaching yoga so fun & interesting.  Luckily, I have very smart students (and a smart fiance) and they are always willing to give input.  This class was a lot of fun!

Natarajasana - week 4

Order of business:
  1. Stretch your spine.
  2. Split your legs.
  3. Reach back, kick up.

Standing crescent
Down dog lunge
High lunge
Lunge with a twist
Twisted monkey
Eka pada dhanurasana
Vira I
Ardha chandrachapasana
Reverse vira II
Dwi hasta padasana
Baby natrajasana
Utthita hindolasana
Parivrtta hasta padangusthasana
Urdhva prasarita ekapadasana
Down dog split at wall
Ardha bhekasana in anjaneyasana
Runners stretch
Ardha bkekasana
Pigeon - upright torso
Ardha bhekasana in EPRK prep
Eka pada supta virasana
Hanumanasana - forward fold
Hanumanasana - upright
Ardha bhekasana in hanumanasana
Urdvha Dhanurasana 3x
Eka pada urdvha dhanurasana
Dwi pada viparita dandasana
Eka pada viparita dandasana I
Hanumanasana - arms overhead
*Natrajasana - 10 min*
SPG I prep
Supta dwi hasta padasana
Parivrtta supta padangusthasana
Supta hindolasana
Ardha matseyendrasana I
Agni stambasana

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