Friday, December 16, 2011

Sequence - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana I & II

This is the sequence from last week's intermediate/advanced group practice. We worked with the theme of precision - being just that and no other; being exactly that, neither more nor less. It was a lot of fun. How much effort is enough to advance your asana practice?! Explore that concept in your body, while practicing this sequence. We worked with two main key actions: strong legs (muscle energy) and clear alignment in the shoulders (arm bones back, chest lifting up toward chin).

One detail to note, if full natarajasana (both hands to ankle) is new to you, take it out of the end of this sequence. Its a complicated pose, if you are new to it. However, if natarajasana is accessible to you, its perfect after all the deep pigeon variations. Its the same hand hold with the foot and same shoulder actions, just standing up on one leg. Enjoy!

The Practice: 12/11 YO downtown (2hrs)

2 Peak poses: Eka Pada Rajakaopotasana I & II

Amv (child's pose)
Ams - hands interlaced
Uttanasa - hands interlaced
Surya namaskar a (3x) - alternate salabasana & makrasana variations
Surya namaskar b (3x) - vira I hands clasped & utkatasana - head to knees, hands clasped behind back
Eka pada bhekasana
Urdhva eka pada bhekasana
Parsvakonasana - Trikonasana - ardha chandrachapasana
Pigeon w/ hands clasped
Anjaneyasana w/ hands clasped
baby dancer
Humble warrior - bowing with hands clasped behind back
EPRK I - prep
EPRK II prep - one leg in bhekasana
Parivrtta EPRK 2 prep - twisted monkey
EPRK I - thigh stretch
Naginyasana - Mermaid pose
Naginyasana II - Mermaid pose 2
Eka pada Dhanurasana - hands interlaced behind foot (Natrajasana on belly)
Urdhva Dhanurasana 3x
Dwi pada vipparita dandasana 2x
*EPRK I - shoulder action: hand to foot
*EPRK II - at wall (with a partner holding back leg vertical)
Child's pose
Twisted suhkhasana
SPG I (supta padangusthasana)
Knees to chest

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