Saturday, June 23, 2012

bakasana from sirsasana II

Some folks requested this sequence on Facebook, so here it is. We worked through this in my 90 minute long intermediate class this morning.We focused on two distinct shoulder actions, a Bakasana upper back (expansive shape) and Sirsasana II upper back (contracted shape). Once that action is super clear the transition from Sirsasana II to Bakasana is less confusing. This sequence also leads you through a variety of hip openers to prep you for a super deep Bakasana so you can get your legs up high on your arms before lifting your head from sirsasana II. Enjoy!

surya A - work shoulder actions in plank to chaturanga
sirsasana II
sirsasana II drills - knees to chest, knees to sky, legs straight (repeat 3X)
lunge forearms down
twisted monkey
ardha malasana prep
ardha bhekasana
pigeon forward fold
pigeon thigh stretch
supta bakasana
bakasana - 3X
bakasana to sirsasana II - 3X (or move into sets of 3 bakasanas in a row)
setu bhanda sarvangasana
supta tadasana
ardha matseyendrasana
eka pada gomukha paschimottonasana

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