Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Vrschikasana - part II

Here is the sequence from last week's 2-hour advanced group practice.  As you know, for the month of June, we are projecting scorpian (forearm version).  In the sequence below, we focused more on prepping the lower body for the pose.  In an ideal world, you would take nuggets of what works for your body/practice from each sequence and by the end of the month, have a practice that preps you for scorpian on your own.  I really like focusing on the legs more, but I have a pretty open upper back.  For those who need more upper back work, check out last week's sequence.

This sequence focuses on opening the legs and hips to be able to touch the feet to the head.  Getting one foot to the the head like in EPRK I & II is more accessible than both feet at the same time.  Weaving those in as prep poses got lots of folks closer to the full form.  Plus they are great front body openers, which help a ton for scorpian.  Once you get your feet to your head push them into your head to give resistance.  That connection helps bring relief to the low back and creates a deeper, more stable backbend.  If you are working on touching the tip of your toe to your head, make your hair extra fluffy to give yourself a few more inches.  It helps!  

Good luck, have fun and let me know how it goes!  

Childs pose
Surya A 3x
Surya B 5x
Pincha - middle of room
Lunge forearms down
Ardha bhekasana
Baddha hasta parsvakonasana
Ardha Chandra chapasana
Twisted monkey
EPRK II prep
EPRK I prep
Supta virasana
Eka pada supta virasana
Urdhva Dhanurasana 5x
EPRK I - at wall
EPRK II - at wall
Vrischikasana I (10-20x)
Hindolasana (baby cradle)
Agni stambasana
Ardha matseyendrasana I
Eka pada Gomuka Paschimottonasana
Savasana (10 min)


  1. great sequence, I would've LOVED this class.

    Quick question: you hair fluffing advice is wonderful, but I just can NOT get my hair to hold ANY any alignment tips?

    miss you girl!

  2. Have used elements of this and the first week's sequence to help my student's find deeper awareness of the relationships of the poses. Your sequencing is so fantastic B - teaching these breakdowns has shown me how the relationships work in ways I hadn't even consciously recognized yet and now my students are benefitting. THANK YOU.

    1. glad it has been helpful!!! thanks for the comment! you are welcome.